What are the 30 Weeks program objectives?
The program aims to transform designers into founders. These new kinds of founders — ones equipped with entrepreneurship skills, tech know-how and design acumen — will be prepared to create new products and companies. After the program, some designers will choose to start their own companies, while others may choose to join small startups or existing tech companies.

What is the program content?
The 30 Weeks program has been developed by Hyper Island in collaboration with key industry advisors and collaborators. Designers gain experience through creating and prototyping new products. Along the way, a range of top industry leaders curate content, run workshops and act as mentors on topics across design, technology, leadership and business.

How is the program structured?
The program is structured around workshops, speaker series, pitches and group sessions all focused around the product a designer would like to launch.

When does the 30 Weeks program start and end?
Our program starts Tuesday March 1, 2016 and ends Friday, June 10, 2016.

How many designers are in the program?
We will be accepting up to 20 designers to begin in March 2016.

Who’s involved?
The program is operated by Hyper Island in partnership with SVA, Parsons, Pratt, The Cooper Union and some of the smartest minds in design, tech, business and venture capital.

Who are the 30 Weeks designers?
Designers come from around the world, as far as China, Israel and Central America and for the most part have formal design education. Their experiences range from product, industrial and web design to architecture. They also have a knack for seeing ten steps ahead, with the courage to move fast and sometimes fail, and the empathy and passion to solve problems while creating value.

When can I apply?
Applications are currently closed.

Can 30 Weeks help me get a visa?
No, at this time, 30 Weeks cannot sponsor international designers with either a student or work visa.

What equipment and resources are provided?
Each designer will need to supply a computer of their own — we recommend a laptop of some kind, but it does not matter if it is a PC or Mac. Designers will be provided with an @30weeks.com email account, which will include the complete Google Apps suite — so knowing how to use those tools is a bonus. Standard tools and material used in workshops (flip charts, Post-it notes, markers, etc) will be provided for by 30 Weeks staff.

Is 30 Weeks full-time?
Yes, the program requires a 40 hour per week commitment.

When is the payment due?
The full amount of $5,000 is due 4-weeks before the start of the program. No further financial support is available, but we encourage all of our designers to think entrepreneurially, perhaps a Kickstarter campaign could help.


Feel free to contact us with any questions that may not have be answered above.