Meet the Designers

Introducing: A diverse group of nascent design founders from around the world, coming together to develop, build and launch products.


chiara bajardi

Founder of Shared Interest

Shared Interest is a peer-to-peer lending platform for refinancing student loan debt.

chas barton

Founder of Q

Q is an app that orchestrates all of your push notifications.

hadar Ben-Tzur

Founder of SPARK

SPARK connects digital gaming with the physical world, using a sensor-based controller.

Meghan Carreau

Founder of TuckrBox

TuckrBox is a farm-to-lunchbox meal delivery service for kids

lucas Carrijo

Founder of Slab

Slab is a platform that enables startups and designers to collaborate

Maxime coleon

Founder of NODE

nazli danis

Founder of Emile

Emile is a cheeky self-improvement bot.

Salvatore di dio

Founder of MUV

MUV gamifies urban commuting and fosters more sustainable mobility habits.

Francisco Hernandez

Founder of Javi

Lokesh Khemani

Founder of Roger

Roger simplifies reading and writing legal documents.

sergey kim

Founder of Velooq

Velooq is the first luminous, color changing tire for bicycles.

danial malik

Founder of Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is a direct-to-consumer military-inspired, modular outerwear company.

Marc-André Roberge

Founder of Nectar

Nectar gives bees a voice through a sensor-based device.

Roberto salas

Founder of Hype & Seek

Hype & Seek is a product giveaway platform that uses video games as its medium.

Mindy tom

Founder of Nom Chomp

Nom Chomp is a cross-media platform for kids that fosters curiosity through food and cooking.

Artin yip

Founder of Colin

Colin is a platform that connects designers and small-batch manufacturers.

Jabeen Ali

Founder of BASES

Chris Beauvois


Elise Björner


Matt Bond

Co-Founder of Treble

Justin Budlow

Co-Founder of Treble

Azul Ceballos

Founder of Wonderpath

Alejandro Figueredo


Chanan Greenblatt


Zack Kantor

Co-Founder of Treble

Yevgeny Koramblyum


Connor Lee

Founder of Hosty Club

Jeongki Lim

Founder of STELLA

Betsy Mei-Chun Lin


Mara Gonzalez Malagon

Founder of Natural You

Njeri Mathu


Anthony Perpepaj

Founder of Mabel

Anuja Pitre


Anika Saigal

Founder of RoomSplit

Almudena Ruiz-Gimenez Ubeda


Rasmus Zwickson

Founder of Life Tale

James CAzzoli

Product Designer

Connected athletic clothing that serves as your personal trainer

Angel Ceballos

Interaction Designer

Peng Cheng

Founder at OF COURSE

OF COURSE is a creative coding program to give hardcore coders and designers the hands on experience, tools, ideas, and support to make their own projects.

Daniel Chu

Founder of ANDA Air

Clean air with comfort.

Collin Cummings

Founder and CEO of Playwell

Education and resources for game makers.

Anna Fine

Interactive Designer and Art Director

Joe Hollier

Founder of Light

The Light Phone is your phone away from phone.

Kayla Matheus

Founder of MOTI

MOTI is a personable new smart object that helps you form any habit you desire.

BretT Pollack

Founder of Takeover

Takeover is a free app that connects you with anyone to take simultaneous photos that instantly stitch together into animations.

Gustavo Quintana

Co-Founder of Objecto

Objecto is a shared brand that connects third world artisans, designers and makers with first world consumers and Business to business opportunities.

Arielle Shekel

Founder of ANANAS

Ananas is an educational platform which enables children around the world to communicate, teach and experience each other’s language and culture.

Kaiwei Tang

Founder of Homemade & Founder of Light

Homemade is a platform that connects you to a nearby HomeCook.

Karen TimmermanN

Co-Founder of Bareo

Bareo is a smarter food inventory that tracks ingredients, recipes and sales to better forecast food supplies.

Tharit Tothong

Indie Technologist

Stephen VarAdy

Founder and CEO of Slang

Slang is the ultimate sneaker marketplace. In your pocket.

Willy Wang